Around the world dolphin captivity is being banned. But Sea World on the Gold Coast still keeps 30+ dolphins in artificial pools, and it plans on breeding even more. Record a powerful video message now, telling them it’s time to stop.

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Around the world dolphin captivity is being phased out, and captive breeding banned. But Sea World in Australia has snuck under the radar, breeding dolphin after dolphin for profit.

Many spend their days doing circus tricks to loud music, lifting heavy trainers up on their noses, and performing for tourists under the hot, Queensland sun. It has to stop.
Click the button above to record a direct video message to Sea World, asking them to STOP breeding dolphins into concrete pools for profit. Adding a message will only take a couple of minutes, but it could create lasting change for dolphins.

Thank you so much for adding your voice, and helping build a brighter future for these wonderful animals!

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    • If you're filming on a phone, make sure it's in landscape mode, and you have the HDR setting turned on if possible.
    • State your name and where you're from.
    • Tell Sea World why you want them to stop breeding dolphins in artificial swimming pools.
    • Wear a dolphin suit, film in the pool, talk in Dolphinese... Do whatever you can to get Sea World's attention! (We'll make sure they see it).
    • If you're unsure what to say, check out the other videos first for inspiration.
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